Since 2003...

The first container was shipped to Cameroon in February 2003. And the first Computer Room was inaugurated in March in a school in Ebolowa, Southern Province. Since then, the project has been extended to 5 African countries. Our expertise has been steadily improving. For all our projects, we pay special attention to the following points.

Local infrastructure, Security, Maintenance

Setting up a project requires the fulfilment of conditions regarding the local infrastructure, maintenance, and security, to assure the project continuity.

Facilitating formalities

In order to facilitate administrative and customs formalities, we negotiate and find agreements at the highest level in each country. We have thus signed conventions with the benefiting countries.

Involvement of all stakeholders

All SouthCluster projects are generally distinguished by the full involvement and participation of all key stakeholders in particular the village elders, chiefs, mayors, governors, and parents that are becoming partners and patrons of their local school. This creates a high acceptance and success rate, which the upcoming projects will not only build on, but increase and enhance.

Monitoring and follow-up

During the execution of our projects, the needs, the possibilities and the challenges are constantly evaluated, in collaboration with the local partners.

Network of equipment donors

South Cluster has developed a donor-to-receiver flow of hardware in an environmentally friendly manner. This requires a welfare cost conscious move of freight taking into account economic and political structures, while keeping both a coherent and comparable approach. We continue to widen this network of equipment donors, which counts more than 200 corporations, including International Institutions as The Council of Europe and the European Investment Bank.