Frequently Asked Questions

What does South Cluster do?

We collect donated computers. We wipe all the data; we refurbish the computers and send them to Africa for schools and Community projects based on Education.

Do you erase all data?

We place the highest priority on data security of the computers donated to us. We provide 100% data sanitisation of all your IT devices. We use software which guarantees the unrecoverable removal of 100% of data.

Why don’t you take IT that is too old?  

Our minimum requirements in terms of age and quality of the equipment allow us to make our project environment friendly. We only send computers with a good service life.

In practice, do you come to collect the computers yourself?

Yes we come to your office to collect the equipment. Whatever is the quantity of IT equipment you can give, we have the necessary logistic and we are happy to arrange for a convenient time for collection.

Do you collect computers from individuals?