South Cluster AISBL articles

South Cluster is registered as International non-profit Association under Belgian law, with the official staute of AISBL (Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif).

The following is the translation of the first articles of the official statutes, which are in French, and can be downloaded here.

Article 1

There is hereby created an Association known as "South Cluster". It is a non-profit-making international association which is subject to Title III of the Belgian law of June 27, 1921 on the non-profit-making associations, non-profit-making international associations and foundations.

Article 3

The Association, who has an educational, philanthropic and scientific goal and which is non-profit making, has, as essential objective the promotion of the development in the African countries.
A specific objective of association is to improve the possibilities of training in the African.
A specific objective of association is to collaborate with other organizations which share its goals.
A specific objective of association is to facilitate the development aid in the field of education.
The Association can take care on and act for development in Africa and everywhere in the world.
The Association can, at any time, achieve its goals in the way which appears to be the most adapted.